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Scientists need your help to learn about senior dog feeding behavior!

Hi, I am Dr. Jill Villarreal, an Animal Behavior Scientist and founder of Pet Insights LLC.  We are recruiting 100 canine citizen scientists for a focus group exploring feeding behavior of dogs.  Dogs are a part of our families.  Throughout their lifespan, their feeding behavior is likely to change.  We wish to learn more about these changes.  Our goal is to help dogs live long, healthy, happy lives with the people that love them.  


If you are selected to be a citizen scientist, you will be sent a Dog Scientist Pack.  It will have instructions, a survey link, and a coupon for a free meal by Freshpet for your dog to try.  Being a citizen scientist only takes about 10 minutes of your time over two consecutive days.  Your contribution will advance the understanding of dog feeding behavior.  


The requirements to become a citizen scientist for this focus group are: 

  • You live with and love a dog over 1 year of age

  • Your dog weighs at least 5 pounds or more

  • Your dog has no major health disorders (e.g. Lyme disease, cancer, distemper, hepatitis, food allergies, etc.)

  • You are currently feed your dog commercially available dry dog food

  • You and your dog live in the United States

  • You are willing to feed your dog a meal by Freshpet

  • You are willing to answer a short survey using your smartphone or computer about your dog’s eating behavior

  • You are willing to send in a 1-2-minute video of your dog’s eating behavior

  • You are over the age of 18.

To begin filling our your Survey please click the button below.

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