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Marketing Of Pet Products

Pet expert Dr. Jill Villarreal can add value to your marketing projects.  Whether your project is big or small, she can help you:


  • Build consumer trust 

  • Add scientific credibility to your brand

  • Develop ways to engage pet parents with your products

  • Ensure the dogs and cats in your commercials, print advertisements, and packaging look happy and are displaying behaviors pet owners associate with their pets enjoying your product

  • Ensure the scenes in your commercials and print advertisements relatable to real pet owners

  • Satisfy your consumers need for credible information for why their pets do what they do.


Pet people can tell if you really "get" them. Dr. Jill Villarreal has served as an expert advisor on products, packaging, and commercials that have aired in the United States. She has also served as an expert for major brands such as Purina One, Friskies, Milk-Bone, and Open Farm Pet.

Expert Presence

Providing Authentic Content from a Scientifically Sound Source

Dr. Jill was a key contributor for scientific content for Purina One web episodes to build the brand's credibility as cat experts. Dr. Jill even voiced several of the web episodes herself. She trained with a voice coach and recorded the voiceover work in a professional studio. Dr. Jill understands the importance of coming to the studio well prepared to reduce studio time and provide the voice attributes that align with the brand.

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Relatable Personality

Making Complex Scientific Principles Engaging

Open Farm Pet partnered with Dr. Jill to create social media content in the form of a series of Instagram live posts that covered how people and dogs can reduce stress and anxiety together.  Dr. Jill was able to create this content with a short lead time to provide an immediate response to the current social need, while making sure all information provided had strong scientific support and was presented in a consumer-friendly manner. 


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Scientific Authority

Bringing Authority to Your Brand

Brand identity is vitally important for product success. When Big Heart Pet Brands was formed, Dr. Jill helped them become a known and trusted company by more pet parents. Here is an example of science-based content Dr. Jill wrote for their Nose Print blog.

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Links to Successful Marketing Featuring Dr. Jill

Dr. Jill has made a number of Instagram videos on behalf of Open Farm Pet. View them in the links below.


Dr. Jill made a number of YouTube videos for Purina ONE®. View them in the links below.

Friskies Scratching Post - The Magical World of Cats (PDF)

Dr. Jill wrote a number of blog posts on behalf of Big Heart Pet Brands. View them in the links below.

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