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Product Assessment

Dr. Jill Villareal expertise in product assessment can add value for you. She brings over 14 years of experience in pet product assessment to help you:


  • Make early predictions on product success in-market

  • Gain early feedback on possible design/formulation issues

  • Understand early in product what if you are meeting the needs and desires of customers

  • Uncover product attributes that are appealing to both pets and pet owners.

  • Provide consumer friendly scientific observations that show pets prefer your products.


Dr. Jill leads focus groups, conducts central location tests, designs large scale surveys, and organizes in-home assessments. She synthesizes the data into actionable paths for your product lines. She is able to customize these activities to your companies needs and provide results for small projects as rapidly as a couple weeks.  She has also worked on large scale projects that have lasted serval months, providing updates throughout to keep your employees up to date on project milestones.

In-Home Use Surveys

Consumer Responses to Food, Treats, and Toys

Dr. Jill has worked with pet care companies of all sizes to conduct in-home research. Many companies rely on early testing in catteries and kennels to guide product development and renovation, then are shocked when the product does not perform well in an In Home Use Test. Dr. Jill offers an economical solution to this problem. By providing early screening in home, Dr. Jill can help your R&D team perfect products that work in the real world with less expense and faster turn around times than a traditional In Home Use Test.

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Product Assessment

In-Home Ethograms and Videos

Pet Responses to Food, Treats, and Toys

Sometimes it is hard for pet owners to express why they think their pet does, or does not, like a product. Dr. Jill visits pet families in their homes and summarizes observations into ethograms and insights. Dr. Jill looks at the whole picture in the home. Oftentimes other members of the household, especially children, may not be the one purchasing the products, but they contribute to purchasing decisions. She also records videos of pets and people interacting with products to determine what is working well and identify improvement opportunities.

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Sensory Assessment

Consumer Perceptions of Product Attributes 

A pet's human family members often make buying decisions based on your food's appearance. With samples you provide, Dr. Jill is able to collect pet parent responses to product attributes such as size, shape, texture, and aroma, which can guide you towards formulations that consumers are more likely to purchase. 


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