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With over 14 years of experience, Dr. Jill's Pet Insights provides a deep understanding of pet behavior, psychology of pet parents, and pet products currently in the market. Dr. Jill's fast response time, and deep market knowledge, will enhance your company's new product. Whether you hire her for product marketing, product development, product renovation, or product assessment there is no project too big or too small for Dr. Jill. Scroll down to learn about the services Dr. Jill offers that can make your products and their associated marketing great!

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Pet Nutrition Advice

Marketing of Pet Products

Pet expert Dr. Jill Villarreal can add differentiation to your marketing projects. She can help you:


  • Build consumer trust 

  • Add scientific credibility to your brand

  • Develop ways to engage pet parents with your products

  • Ensure the dogs and cats in your commercials, print advertisements, and packaging look happy and are displaying behaviors pet owners associate with their pets enjoying your product

  • Ensure the scenes in your commercials and print advertisements relatable to real pet owners

  • Satisfy your consumers need for credible information for why their pets do what they do.

Whether you're planning a nationwide television campaign or a  small social media project, Dr. Jill can help. She has experience with marketing campaigns of all sizes. Dr. Jill Villarreal has served as an expert advisor on product packaging, social media projects, print advertisements for magazines, and commercials that have aired in the United States. She has served as an expert for major brands such as Friskies, Milk-Bone, Natural Balance, 9-Lives, Purina One, and Open Farm Pet.

Product Assessment

Dr. Jill Villareal expertise in product assessment can add value for you. She can help you:


  • Make early predictions on product success in-market

  • Gain early feedback on possible design/formulation issues

  • Understand early in product what if you are meeting the needs and desires of customers

  • Uncover product attributes that are appealing to both pets and pet owners.

  • Provide consumer friendly scientific observations that show pets prefer your products.


Whether your project is big or small and no matter what pet product you produce, Dr. Jill can help! With over 14 years of experience in pet product assessment, Dr. Jill leads focus groups, conducts central location tests, designs large scale surveys, and organizes in-home assessments. She synthesizes the data into actionable paths for your product lines.

Product Innovation & Renovation

Are you ready for a breakthrough innovation, an incremental change, or to refresh a product line? Dr. Jill Villarreal can help you:


  • Break out of a rut of the same old ideas

  • Spark creativity for your innovation team by providing a fresh perspective focusing on the biology and the psychology of pets and pet owners

  • Understand what attracts the attention of dogs and cats

  • Understand what flavors, aromas, and textures pets enjoy

  • Be aware of product ingredients that are off-putting to dogs and cats


No matter the size or scope of your product line Dr. Jill has the expertise to deliver innovation and renovation ideas that'll take your products to the next level. Dr. Jill understands that pet products connect people with the pets they love. Her deep knowledge of pet and human behavior will help you fulfill the unmet needs of your customers. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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